Industrial Wire/Continuous

Brite Basic Wire

For all your basic wire needs, Southwestern Wire provides brite basic wire in both low and high carbon. Our low carbon wire includes C1006-C1026 carbon content and our high carbon wire includes 1027-1065 carbon content. Diameter measurements range from .080 – .192 inches. Perfect for anything from lamp shades to tomato cages, Southwestern Wire provides nothing but the best wire.


Galvanized Wire

Southwestern Wire provides galvanized wire for a broad range of specifications.  Diameter measurements range from .080 – .192 inches. Coating weights can be from commercial coating (less than .03 oz./sq./foot) to heavy coatings up to 2.0 ounces per square foot.  The breaking strength of our wire can range from 65,000 pounds per square inch up to 220,000 pounds per square inch. Galvanized wire is run to our customer’s specifications as long as the specifications are within our limitations.

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