Why GBW Chain Link Fence?

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Galvanized Before WeaveGBW: Get The Real Deal In Chain Link Fence

My how times change!  It was only a few years ago that GBW (Galvanized Before Weave) chain link fencing was a product without recognition and without any market feasibility in the commercial arena of the fence business.  Well, Those days are gone and with it so are the days of light coated galvanized before weave chain link fence, butter soft gbw and dark discolored gbw chain link fence. The technology in coating processes has allowed Southwestern Wire the ability to coat and weave galvanized residential, commercial and industrial grade chain link fence in coating weights up to 2.0 oz/per sq ft to meet ASTM standards A 392 Class 1 and Class 2 both in coating weights and tensile requirements. Many of the initial technologies were developed in the 80’s with other more advanced technologies being applied in the 90’s.  Still today many processes and advances in technology occur every year.  Advances in galvanizing, weaving and even packaging allow GBW chain link to come to market in new and advanced ways ever year. With the abilities today to run chain link fence in heights to 20′ and mesh sizes as small as 3/8″, Southwestern Wire will continue to lead the way in GBW chain link fence manufacturing in the United States.

Salt Spraying Testing

Salt spraying testing on chain link fence fabric run from Class 3 (.80 oz) galvanized wire strand and from 1.2 oz galvanized wire strand has shown that GBW chain link fence fabric will out last it’s dinosaur competitor in forgiveness to red rust over extended periods of time.  With smooth uniform galvanized coatings, Galvanized Before Weave chain link fence has proven to be a superior protective coating to the GAW processes.  In the graph here, you will find independent results of a salt spray test on both GBW and GAW, see the results for your own eyes.
Dont be fooled Salt Spray Graph

In the field for the installation process, GBW chain link fence provides icicle free galvanized coatings which make for easier installation. For this reason it has proven to be a better coating for residential work, day cares, schools, ball fields and most any commercial or industrial application.  The time needed to “dress out” the fence line has been reduced by using GBWGalvanized before weave material is free from frozen joints and icicles which tend to seize the material. Thus any time savings in the field equates to less labor cost and more competitive bid opportunities.  The use of GBW also has improved the satisfaction of the employees in the field as the material is much more friendly to work with.  No more cut hands or arms and no more cut work clothing or uniforms.

Truly A Protective Coating

In addition, Southwestern Wire’s protective top coating gives the finished chain link fence fabric a luster and an extended shelf-life never before seen by a GBW fence product. This coating has allowed many additional wholesalers the opportunity to expand their product offering by having GBW chain link fence in their stock of goods.  This process also assists the installation contractor as the shelf-life allows the contractor to get the material installed before additional graying of the material takes place.  No call backs means more profits for all parties.

Protective coating is called protective for a reason. They brave various calamities and disasters and help keep the part of a property where they have been used as a shield safe from damages and erosion.

If you are seeking superior corrosion resistance, superior self-life and superior ease of installation then Southwestern Wire’s (GBW) Galvanized Before Weave Chain Link Fence Fabric is the fence for your application and the fence for you crews to use.

To find our more about our GBW Fabric or to locate a dealer near you please contact us!

Find our specification sheet here on zinc coated chain link fence to meet ASTM A 392 Class 1 or Class 2.


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